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Great Futures Early Learning Preschool

Our Philosophy

We believe that the early years of a young child's life play a critical part in their development.
Early experiences have a direct impact on how children develop learning skills as well as social and emotional abilities.

We believe we can enrich the natural learning abilities of children through the security and comfort of being cared for, and educated, by caring, well educated professionals, in a sensory-rich environment with essential learning experiences.

General Preschool Info

8125 Steelhead Ave. Room 9
Kings Beach, CA 96143

530-582-3760 ext.#23109 
Contact: Director Lorelei Van Peborgh Lvanpeborgh@bgcnlt.org

Serving potty-trained 3 to 5 year olds. 
CA Community Care Preschool License #313621931
Serving potty-trained 3 to 5 year old children.

For information or to enroll, please visit our front desk in  Kings Beach.

Contact Director, Lorelei Van Peborgh for more information. 

Members Corner

Preschool Calendar 17-18

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